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How We Pair Wine For Food - Dumplings & Dim Sum


When looking through the sample menu above, we would initially be looking into pairing a lighter crisper white wine, to compliment some of the lighter more delicate flavours that these dim sum provide. Take for example the pork & scallop sui mai with trout roe or the prawn wontons with chicken dashi, my personal favourite pairing with these is the Rudolf Trosse, Silbermond Riesling.


We also like to pair something on the richer end of the spectrum, whether it be a red or a white for the bigger earthy profile that the shiitake & chestnut mushrooms bring. Fan favourite for a white pairing would be the Peybonhomme white - it’s bigger creamy mineral profile, competing that of a Burgundian white, is a really easy choice. A red we’ve really enjoyed, especially with the pork bao, is the Valpolicella - a smooth & velvety red, a restrained fuller style with hints of clove & soft oaky vanilla. It still brings a level of freshness that everyone can get behind but maintains a level of depth and dark fruit which accentuates the richer spices in the pork & squash bao. 


Don’t know about you, but couldn’t imagine tucking into any dumpling without cheeky garlicky crunchy chili oil. Anything with a level of spice, chili or even a hot sour base has the ultimate pairing with a little sweet number. Pulling out all the stops, and going head first into a delightful off-dry sweeter style in wine, there’s no other choice than Domaine Belliviere, Premices, Chenin Blanc. You won’t find syrup or any claggy texture with this, the brighter well balanced acidity cuts through the sugar and you’ll certainly still find the classic Loire mineral print within as well as orchard fruit & pear.


Much like the absolute banging slow roast cantonese pork, the part I’m most excited for is the skin. A crunchy salty crackling skin, are the only words to think of for its ultimate wine pairing. A skin contact with crunchy salinity. Classical choice is the Piquentum Malvasia but if I wanted to take it to another level, I would be looking to Aldo Viola - Krimiso - dangerously aromatic, wonderfully inviting style of skin contact, despite its intimidating colour, this exceptionally well made wine offers everything you didn’t know you needed from a properly made orange wine. 

If you’re planning to stick to one glass, or maybe a bottle, skin contact wines are a great place to be. A best friend to anything with umami, sometimes a talking point for the table & a little adventurous at times, something with a shorter maceration is safe spot. We have poured Muller from Enderle & Moll, a Muller Thurgau from Baden Germany with three days of skin contact. Tropical aromatics, ginger, and florals on the nose, the palate is ripe and spicy with notes of apricot skin, yellow apple, sandalwood, and juicy pineapple. Not much grip here from the skins but just a little more textural.

You can always come down to try for yourself, this is a sample menu for our Dim-Sum-day dumpling pop with our friends Ah-Ma's who come down and do a kitchen take over on the 1st, 3rd and the cheeky 5th Sunday of each month. 

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