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Pairing Wine with Christmas Dinner

You wine lovers out there have probably started to ponder what you might drink on Christmas day... Read on for some Cave inspiration.

A glass of bubbly is the perfect accompaniment for most starters. Champagne style wines are super food friendly, and the high acidity and bubbles work particularly well with seafood and deep fried foods, cutting through and balancing the richness. Try pairing smoked salmon with the Recaredo Corpinnat, Terres Brut Nature, it's fresh, fruity and creamy. Spicy starters require a bit more thought, but pairing heat with sweet is a good rule. I’m obsessed with Phillipe Balivet’s Recolte Cecile. It’s sweet, fizzy and pink, good with garlicky shrimp, a plate of saucisson or anything with chilli. If goats cheese features anywhere on the menu, Sancerre is the classic pairing. The high acidity and aromatic freshness of Sauvignon Blanc complements the powerful, gamey flavours perfectly.

With the turkey a light, fresh, fruity red works well, like the super juicy Sebastien David, L’Hurluberlu Cabernet Franc. If you feel bolder, plump for a spicy, plummy Rioja like Bodegas Akutain. You’re also safe in the hands of a good Bordeaux, especially if you’re going for roast beef or lamb. As for whites, look for a fuller body with ripe fruits and some oak like this Toques & Clochers Limoux which is a rich and nutty Chardonnay with a hint of spice.

Christmas pudding is sweet, rich and intense… a similar wine is required. Tawny port is a classic, but I highly recommend Clos Lapeyre La Magendia, it’s sweet, toasty and exotic but perfectly balanced with an electric acidity.

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