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Easter Wine


Easter marks the season finale of Sunday Lunch. With an absolute banging roast Lamb, we send off our usual Sunday Roast in style, which we think needs to have an absolute smashable bottle to pair with. Don’t worry, if you’re taking the veggie route, perhaps a wonderful savoury strudel with Cavelo Nero & cheese or a fruity bougie nut roast, we have chosen all these bottle suggestions with consideration for the whole plate. We will talk you through a few great and maybe unusual pairings, maybe a couple of bottles you wouldn’t think to reach for. But ultimately some safe bets that hit the nail on the head as well as some underappreciated styles for food.


Lamb generally has a higher fat content, and when considering at a good wine to match, we look for something that cuts through the fat, some bright zingy acidity. Maybe you’ve been invited somewhere for Easter and someone lovely is going to be cooking for you, and we don’t know what exactly what’s going to be on the table. Maybe a roast chicken or perhaps that buttery veggie strudel. At that we suggest as a general roast crowd pleaser, to go for a bigger brighter rounder style of white that will match up to any of the big flavours which might be on the plate.


Friendly All Rounder - Rich, White Peach, Accacia

Chateau Tour Gendres

La Cuvee Des Conti

Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc/Muscadelle




Cheeky Special Jura Number

Les Dolomies





If you’re taking your protein to a lighter level, perhaps Lamb Cutlets or a nut roast, we wouldn’t be looking to overpower those delicate flavours. Yet we still want something beautifully balanced – fruit forward, with some acidity and a desirable complimentary depth. That’s when we say reach for a Pinot Noir.


Friendly All Rounder - Cherry, Earthy, Aromatic Spice

Domaine Du Salvard

Cheverny Rouge

Gamay/Pinot Noir



Cave Favourite - Red Cherry, Crunchy, Elegant 

Enderle & Moll


Pinot Noir



Don’t be scared to go a little experimental. Sometimes going outside the box redefines the tradition. One style of wine that is always overlooked is a glorious Rosé. Break away from something blush, light & pink and discover an unappreciated food pairing. The structure and creamy lees ageing of a Provence works great as a berry driven alternative to the bigger whites at the top. Alternatively reach for a darker style which can have depth, richer and sometimes more savoury profiles. Such as the Rozsa Pestovits, named after the wine maker’s grandmother, a cherry earthy rhubarb-y herby lavender edged Rosé.


Structured Classic Provence Rosé - Red Berry, Elegant, Crisp

Chateau Val D’Arenc





Misunderstood Wild Card - Lip Smacking, Sour Cherry, Rhubarb 

Franz Weninger

Rozsa Pestovits

Syrah/Zweigelt/Pinot Noir




Heavier styles of roasts such as beef or maybe a long slow cooked lamb shoulder, requires a wine to carry a bit of weight behind it. But again, let’s look at something a little non-traditional. Here we have two Greek wines, both from the same varietal but in two entirely different expressions. Xinomavro, soon to be Greece's signature red grape, has big tannins and high acidity. Like a Pinot Noir, it is sensitive, expressive and reflective of its growing environment. When balanced well, the wines can have a complex and aromatic character, with dark red fruit and leafy freshness. With the tannins, acidity & big fruit profile, these can be really age worthy wines. Over time their character develops into dried fruit, truffles, and tobacco. All the markings of a great Nebbiolo. However, the second on this list is a blend with Roditis, a white grape, but the result is certainly not as light as a Rosé. With its generous power of structure and savoury smokiness, with real red fruit and tomato leaf character, this is a food wine match from the heavens.


Hits The Spot - Wild Strawberry, Spice, Tar 

Artisans Vignerons de Naoussa

Artisans Naoussa




Complex Wild Card - Red Fruit, Tomato Leaf, Smoky

Ktima Ligas





And last but certainly not least, how can we make a list of suggestions that cover all colours and styles of wine and not include a smashable sparkling. Maybe we want to really splash out this Easter. Perhaps we have something to celebrate, here in Bristol, Spring also introduces some new graduates to the world. Or maybe you’re just feeling a little wild and adventurous but to end this list with a bang, look no further than a sparking Rosé.


Spingle Spangle Special Splash-out Sparkling - Red Berry, Crisp, Zippy

Laherte Freres

Rosé De Meunier

Pinot Meunier



This is an exciting style of Rosé as it is a blend of 3 different expressions of Rosé in 1 bottle. We have 60% Pinot Meunier Juice, 30% Pinot Meunier bleed (otherwise known as saignée) and to create its interesting edge, topped off with Pinot Meunier red wine. This is a richer, bigger, bolder, textural Rosé champagne. If there was ever a time to be drinking this wonderfully darker style of champagne, an easter roast is certainly the place. Bursting with character & depth, a little salinity on the finish, the result is harmonious. Zero dosage, dry, berry, with salinity – all the best parts of a fruit profiled Pinot Noir, with the salinity and textural character of a skin contact and the richness & acidity of a bigger white. 

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