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Raul Perez, Ultreia St Jacques, 2020

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Sour Cherries, Violets, Coffee

Bierzo / Red / Mencia / Sustainable




Raul Perez



Wine Type





Bierzo DO








Raul Perez is a renowned winemaker who has significantly impacted the world of wine with his expertise and dedication to quality. Hailing from Bierzo, a wine region in northwest Spain, Perez has gained recognition for his innovative approach to winemaking and his commitment to showcasing the unique terroir of his vineyards. One of his standout creations is the Ultreia Saint Jacques wine, a remarkable expression of the Mencía grape varietal.

Ultreia Saint Jacques is a true testament to Perez's winemaking prowess. Crafted from old-vine Mencía grapes grown in the hilly terrains of Bierzo, this wine captures the essence of the region's terroir with finesse. Mencía, an indigenous grape variety, thrives in the slate and clay soils of Bierzo, producing wines with vibrant acidity, elegant structure, and expressive fruit flavours.

The Ultreia Saint Jacques wine showcases a beautiful bouquet of red and black fruit, such as ripe cherries and blackberries, interwoven with floral undertones and hints of spice. On the palate, it exhibits a harmonious balance between fruitiness, minerality, and well-integrated tannins. The wine's medium body and lively acidity make it versatile and approachable, enjoyable both in its youth and with some ageing potential.

Raul Perez's Ultreia Saint Jacques stands out as a testament to his winemaking philosophy, emphasizing tradition, authenticity, and the unique character of the Bierzo region. It is a wine that reflects Perez's dedication to crafting exceptional wines that speak of their origin, delighting wine enthusiasts and earning critical acclaim along the way.

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