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Bressan, Schioppettino, 2018

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Blackberry, Pepper, Rose

Friuli / Red / Schioppettino / Sustainable







Wine Type





Venezie Giulia IGT, Friuli








This 100% Schioppettino comes from vines with an average age of 120 years. Situated at altitudes ranging from 40 to 120 meters above sea level, the vines grow in soil rich in limestone and iron. The grapes undergo a long fermentation period of 30 days on the skins. Following fermentation, the wine is aged for at least 48 months in 20Hl oak, chestnut, and wild pear wooden casks, before spending at least 3 months in stainless steel tanks. Finally, it undergoes a minimum of 1 month of bottle fining before being released. This is complex, unique and truly Bressan. 

Notes on the producer

Fulvio Bressan represents the 9th generation of winemakers carrying the Bressan name and working a small plot of land in the Farra d’Isonzo since 1726. And given the way he runs his winery, you would think that he might just be channeling all 9 generations of prior expertise, with little care for how the rest of the world might make their wines.

ALL chemical and synthetic products including pesticides and herbicides are banned. With all vines pruned to 4-5 buds, the BRESSAN vineyards are also farmed dry, as in, not irrigated. Fulvio pointed out that where their vineyards lie, it’s not far from the Isonzo river. Here the relatively poor gravel topped soil composition encourages vine roots to channel deep to find their life-saving water source. Low interventionist, he isn’t certified as organic or biologic even if his personal rules impose conditions in the vineyard and wine-cellar that are more severe than those of various “certifications”.

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