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Fatalone, Primitivo Riserva, 2020

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Black Cherry, Cacao, Velvety

Puglia / Red / Primitivo / Organic







Wine Type





Giola Del Colle DOC, Puglia








This is classic Puglian Primitivo, silky, velvety with dark chocolate, and dark fruits. Just an absolutely cracking wine, not too much else to say. 

Notes on the producer

The Fatalone name originated with Filippo Petrera (2nd generation), Nicola’s son, who was, in his time, nicknamed Il Fatalone. It quickly caught on becoming the family nickname. Fatalone translates literally into ‘Lady Killer’ or ‘one who can boast to be an irresistible seducer of women’, much like the legendary Don Juan. Filippo Petrera lived until the age of 98, metaphorically speaking between Bacchus and Venus, having breakfast every morning till his last day with half a litre of Primitivo and half a litre of fresh milk. In 1987, Fatalone became the first winery to produce and bottle the Gioia del Colle D.O.C. Primitivo as a single varietal wine. In 2000, in the spirit of promoting and the land and its local product, they founded the Consortium for the Protection of the Wines of D.O.C Gioia del Colle.The farming at Fatalone is organic and everything is done in the vineyard to ensure healthy grapes. After a manual harvest in small cases the grapes are destemmed into stainless tanks and undergo spontaneous fermentation, with pump overs to release carbonic gas. After several rackings the wine is transferred into Slavonian oak barrels (750 litres). No sulphur is added during the winemaking itself.

Music therapy is played to the barrels to assist the process of micro-oxygenation. This involves the diffusion of soft new age and classical music enriched with natural sounds (wind, rain, leaves movement, water flowing and chirping of birds), based on the idea that those soft vibrations improve the activity of the microflora present in the wine and support its breathing when in casks. After this careful maturation the wines are bottled without filtration and a very small addition of sulphites.

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