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Domaine De Beudon, L'Orage, 2019

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Elderberry, Wild Strawberry, Herbaceous

Valais AOC / Red / Pinot Noir, Gamay, Diolinoir, Gamaret / Biodynamic 




Domaine De Beudon


Pinot Noir/Gamay/Diolinoir/Gamaret

Wine Type





Valais AOC








L’Orage is french for the storm, and this wine is a perfect example of making lemonade from lemons, or how sometimes you can make magic from a devastating year. After a serious storm took out most the hillside vineyards in 2015, he gathered all that survived—a bit of pinot noir, gamay, diolinoir, and gamaret— and created the l’orage.History repeated itself in 2019 so the wine was re born.  Natural fermentation in stainless steel vats. Ageing on lees for 11 months. No chaptalisation, no filtration, unfined.

Notes on the producer

Domaine de Beudon is a remarkable place; a tiny farm perched on the steep side of the Swiss Alps, removed from the world and locally known as the “vineyard in the sky”. Located above the village of Fully, “there are two ways to visit us,” explains owner Marion Granges. “One is by small cable car or you can walk for an hour via steep mountain tracks.” Domaine de Beudon is the only wine grower there. Produced in tiny quantities, from just a 6-hectare estate, Beudon wine very rarely makes it out of Switzerland and onto the international market. Cultivating vines there is highly challenging, every wine lives on steep rocky soil. Since 1992, the Granges family has been religiously applying biodynamic viticulture and organic practices. Producing biodynamic wines almost feel like a visceral need for the Granges family, it is about making a statement that if it’s possible in Beudon, then it can be done anywhere. All ferments are naturally started, there is no added sugar or human intervention, only Mother Nature. The wines taste as pure as the mountain air that vines thrive in. With age, they become something quite special and would rival many old vintages from more illustrious appellations over the border in France.

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