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Domaine Bornard, Vin De (Jo) Liqueur, 2018

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Citrus, Stone Fruit, Dried Fruit

Jura / Sweet / Chardonnay / Organic




Domaine Bornard



Wine Type





VDF, Jura







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This sweetish wine has been fortified and runs to 17% alcohol. It is made in the local Macvin style but not strictly according to the rules required for it to sport the appellation “Macvin du Jura” on the label. The essential point of this wine however is that it is a combination of grape juice and special alcohol. The grape juice never ferments. A marcstyle alcohol made in the Bornard cellars from the grape must and matured for at least 18 months and sometimes up to ten years is added to the grape juiceIn addition, another alcohol called the “fine” is made from the lees and some of this is also added. The exact proportions of marc to fine varies according to the harvest but it is usually around two thirds grape juice to one third alcohol.

Notes on the producer

Domaine Philippe Bornard is one of the most famous in the Jura. Originally from the village of Pupillin, Philippe Bornard had always worked in the vineyard but sold his grapes to the village cooperative cellar before taking the plunge, in 2005, to producing his own wines On the advice of his neighbour and friend, the famous Pierre Overnoy. The grapes cultivated and vinified from 11.2 hectares on the gentle slopes around the small village, planted with typical Jura grape varieties as well as a "curiosity", a Melon à Queue Rouge, another variety of Chardonnay. Like Pierre Overnoy, harvest is done by hand, and they give respect to the vines and intervene as little as possible in the vinification process. Inputs" are banned and SO2 is only used in a controlled manner at the time of bottling. Long macerations, long maturing in casks, up to 3 years for the whites for example, characterise the fine and delicate wines, vibrant, with precise flavours, also destined for long ageing and playing on an exceptional freshness!

Since December 4, 2017, Philippe Bornard has retired and it is his son Tony Bornard who is now in charge after having bought the family estate and merged into his own vineyard.

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