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Bruyere & Houillon, Arbois Blanc, 2016

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Saline, Spice, Walnut

Jura / White / Savagnin / Organic




Bruyere & Houillon



Wine Type





Arbois AOC, Jura







* Please note that because there is limited stock of this wine it is not subject to any further discount. 

The vines grow in limestone clay and the grapes, as always, are picked by hand and placed in small crates so that the grapes are not damaged in any way. This wine was topped up regularly to ensure that there is only minimal contact with oxygen to preserve the freshness of the wine. As with the Ploussard, this wine has been bottled without filtration or added sulphur.

Notes on the producer

Adeline Houillon and Renaud Bruyère moved to the little village of Pupillin (next to Arbois, in the Jura region) in 2011. Together, they started cultivating their now 5 hectares vineyard, following biodynamic principles. Although they have never tried to obtain the official Demeter certification, Adeline and Renaud still have adopted this philosophy for their estate. Here, the harvest is entirely done by hand, nothing gets added during the winemaking process, there's no filtration, no fining…

Adeline trained at the Domaine Pierre Overnoy, now managed by her brother Emmanuel since 2001. As for Renaud, he used to work for the Domaine Tissot. An impressive pedigree for such a young couple of winemakers, and their respect for the terroir (resulting in extremely high-quality wines) is recommendable as well. This all might explain why the bottles from the estate are sought-after by a lot of connoisseurs.

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