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Michel Chevre, Saumur, 'Les Pentes' 2015

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Citrus, Mineral, Fresh

Loire / White / Chenin Blanc / Organic




Michel Chevré


Chenin Blanc

Wine Type





Saumur AOC,  Loire








First vintage of this cuvée elaborated by Michel Chevré, Thierry Germain's faithful right-hand man. A lemon wine, chalky both incisive in attack and round in the final... Try with a Sainte Maure style goat cheese or smoked fish

Notes on the Producer

 In 2011, Michel Chevré embarked on a journey by establishing the quaint Clos de l’Ecotard, a three-hectare estate nestled in the Loire Valley. This charming property finds its home in the serene village of Courchamps, situated to the southern fringes of the Saumur appellation. The local terroir boasts limestone-rich soils, an ideal foundation for cultivating classic Loire varietals: Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

Michel Chevré's dedication to excellence was honed during his tenure with Thierry Germain at Domaines des Roches Neuves. This commitment to top-tier quality seamlessly transitioned into his independent endeavor. Joined by his son, Thibaud, they collaboratively fashion wines that exude remarkable expressions. Their philosophy centers on the premise that quality originates in the vineyard. Consequently, no endeavor is too great in pursuit of this goal.

The vineyards under their care are nurtured organically and guided by biodynamic principles, although formal certification remains absent. Horse-drawn plowing, interplanting of beneficial grasses, meticulous yield management, and manual harvesting - practices seldom witnessed in the Loire region - all contribute to this meticulous approach. The outcome emerges as a diverse array of aromatic, mineral-laden Chenin Blancs and vivacious Cabernet Francs, each embodying the essence of their remarkable terroir.

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