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Fritz Haag, Riesling, 2021

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Apple, Quince, Spice

Mosel / White Wine / Riesling / Sustainable




Fritz Haag



Wine Type

White Wine












The 2021 Riesling from Fritz Haag is a beautifully crafted wine that embodies the essence of the Mosel region. With vibrant aromas of ripe peaches and zesty citrus, the wine offers a symphony of flavours including green apple, apricot, and lemon. Its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, coupled with a sleek, mineral-driven texture, creates a refreshing and harmonious drinking experience. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with various dishes, Fritz Haag's 2021 Riesling showcases their expertise in producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Mosel.

Notes on the producer

Fritz Haag winery is an esteemed and historic estate located in the renowned Mosel region of Germany. With a rich winemaking legacy dating back to 1605, Fritz Haag has earned a stellar reputation for producing exceptional Riesling wines. Known for their meticulous vineyard management and meticulous winemaking practices, the winery exemplifies a deep respect for the land and a commitment to quality. Their wines showcase the unique character of the Mosel terroir, characterized by steep slopes, slate soils, and a cool climate that lends elegance and finesse to their Rieslings. With a focus on purity of fruit, balance, and age-worthiness, Fritz Haag continues to craft wines that captivate wine enthusiasts around the world, solidifying their position as one of the finest producers in the Mosel region.

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