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Domaine Des Cavarodes, Blanc Meandres, 2018

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Savoury, Spice, Elegant

Jura / White / Chardonnay/ Organic , Biodynamic




Domaine Des Cavarodes



Wine Type





VDF Jura







* Please note that because there is limited stock of this wine it is not subject to any further discount. 

Méandres, the French equivalent of 'meander,' is a purposeful choice that encapsulates the intricate journey this wine navigated to reach its full expression. Originally destined as the 2018 Chardonnay Lumachelles, it faced prolonged and challenging fermentation common to many whites from that vintage. To overcome, Etienne creatively blended it with the 2020 vintage of the same wine, allowing for a unique and complete fermentation, resulting in a truly distinctive creation.

Notes on the producer

Etienne Thiebaud commenced making his own wine at Domaine des Cavarodes in the village of Cramans in the northern part of the Jura in 2007 after a stint working for Domaine De La Tournelle. He makes wines of amazing purity which reflect the terroir from which they come on either side of the Loue River and across to Arbois. He only has 4.5 hectares of vines (ranging in age from 15 to 115 years old) which he farms organically but produces many cuvees from these small holdings. The wines are made as naturally as possible with the reds undergoing semi-carbonic maceration following careful de-stemming and maturation in old barrels.

The wines are mostly vinified without sulphur, and if used it is sparingly with a maximum of 2 grams per 100 litres. All the wines are aged in wood & racking and bottling are based on the lunar calendar. No filtration for the reds, the whites are filtered only if necessary. Small amounts of sulphur are added at bolting if necessary but only in micro doses of up to 15 mg per litre. The bottling is done sometimes by leaving a little carbon dioxide in the wines to keep their freshness.

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