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Vadio, Espumante Solera Branco, NV

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Apple, Quince, Spice

Mosel / White Wine / Riesling / Sustainable







Wine Type

White Wine












Vadio Espumante Solera Branco is a unique and captivating sparkling wine produced by Vadio Wines, a renowned winery based in the Bairrada region of Portugal. This sparkling wine stands out for its unconventional production method, utilizing the solera system typically associated with fortified wines. The solera system involves blending wines from different vintages in a cascading manner, resulting in a complex and layered final product.

Vadio Espumante Solera Branco is crafted primarily from the indigenous Bical grape variety, which thrives in the limestone-rich soils of Bairrada. The wine undergoes a traditional method of secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in fine bubbles and a persistent mousse. With its extended time on the lees, the wine develops an impressive depth of flavours and a creamy texture.

Notes on the producer

Vadio Wines is a distinguished winery located in the Bairrada region of Portugal, renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional and terroir-driven wines. Led by winemaker Luis Patrão, Vadio Wines is dedicated to showcasing the unique character and potential of indigenous grape varieties from the region. With a focus on sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention in the winemaking process, Vadio Wines creates wines that express the true essence of the Bairrada terroir. From their elegant and vibrant whites to their structured and age-worthy reds, Vadio Wines consistently delivers wines of outstanding quality and finesse. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Vadio Wines has become a respected name in Portuguese winemaking, capturing the hearts of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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