Rudolf Trossen, Silbermond, 2020

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 Stone Fruit, Floral, Delicate




Ruldof Trossen



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White Wine












Grapes are hand harvested and the wines now have absolutely nothing added. Unfined and unfiltered, these are pure energetic and delicious Rieslings from one of the most revered winemakers in the Mosel. Bottled with some risidual sugar, although perfectly balanced with acidity. Top Mosel Riesling.

Notes on the producer

It is almost impossible to summarize the unique work that Rudolf and Rita Trossen have achieved over the past 40 years in a matter of a few paragraphs. Back in the late 1970s when Germany was first exposed to a counter-culture movement, the young Rudolf and his partner Rita were inspired by everything but the traditional Mosel vignerons. Most importantly, they felt a desire to dive deeper into the idea of biodynamic agriculture and in fact became aware of the likes of Maria Thun and other biodynamic legends that have formulated and researched Rudolf Steiner’s principles in great depth. Over the years, the couple remained an important force in the Mosel, promoting biodiversity and following a 180-degree philosophy to what back then (and still largely today) is common for the Mosel region. While the vineyards have been certified organic since the 1970s, Rudolf and Rita have also kept most of the family vines untouched, allowing them to pick grapes from vineyards often reaching more than 100 years of age today. The weathered slate soils, combined with some of Europe’s steepest Riesling vineyards, are an immense foundation for their truly remarkable wines. While they always kept a deep respect for the off-dry Mosel Riesling style (they still bottle small amounts of it every year) Rudolf and Rita have always worked a non-interventionist approach in their tiny cellar. Since 2010 the couple largely stopped using SO2 in their wines which has allowed them to showcase an even greater dimension in their wines. It is not a coincidence that their wines are represented in some of the most acclaimed restaurants of our time. Their Rieslings are remarkably balanced and precise, and each cuvée reflects the character of the site it came from - showing that minimal intervention Rieslings are more than capable of terroir expression.



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