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Il Paradiso Di Manfredi, Brunello, 2015

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Red Fruits, Floral, Elegant

Tuscany / Red / Sangiovese / Biodynamic




Il Paradiso Di Manfredi



Wine Type





Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG, Tuscany








Il Paradiso di Manfredi's Brunello is made from 100% Sangiovese Grosso grapes grown in the winery's biodynamically-farmed vineyards. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected to ensure only the best quality fruit is used in the production of the wine. After fermentation and maceration, the wine is aged in Slavonian oak barrels for a minimum of 36 months, with some wines spending up to 48 months in the barrel. This ageing process imparts complex flavours and aromas to the wine, such as notes of red fruit, leather, and spices. The 2015 vintage was wetter and cooler so the resulting wine is more delicate and poised.

Notes on the producer

Il Paradiso di Manfredi winery in Montalcino is a small, biodynamically-farmed vineyard producing excellent Brunello wines from its 3 hectares of land. The winery, named for the idyllic location and its founder Manfredi Martini, is overseen by Florio Guerrini and his wife Rossella who believe in listening to the energy of the grapes and wine to guide their winemaking process. The cellar is divided into three areas: vinification, ageing in an old farmhouse, and refinement in oak barrels. The wines, a Rosso, Brunello, and Brunello Riserva, differ only in the amount of time they spend in the barrels. The location offers a stunning view of Siena and the wines offer a taste of paradise.


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