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Tanca Nica X Nica Barraco, NB X TN Frizzante, 2021

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Saline, Textured, Aromatic

Sicily / Fizz / Catarratto, Zibibbo / Organic, Biodynamic




Tanca Nica



Wine Type





Terre Siciliane IGP, Sicily







The aim was to create a wine that links the territory of Marsala on the mainland with the island of Pantelleria. This scarce bottling is based on Nino's catarratto in contrada Stagnone (in front of the island of Mozia looking towards Pantelleria), where only a few meters separate the vines from the sea. Some of Tanca Nica's passulata (made from the 1931 zibibbo plot in Bonsulton's 'terra forte') was added to the still wine for the second fermentation. No disgorgement.

Notes on the producer

Lost between Africa and Europe, Pantelleria is (geographically speaking) more a Tunisian outpost than an offshoot of the Italian peninsula. With a diverse ecosystem, complex history, and culture intertwined with Arabic influence – Pantelleria is a world apart. Tanca Nica is run by Nicoletta Pecorelli, originally from Sardinia, and Francesco Ferreri, born and bred in Pantelleria. Francesco got the wine bug at a young age, inspired by his grandfather while making wine with him. He already knew he wanted to be a vignaiolo aged 14yo, and left Pantelleria to study at the renowned agricultural and oenological boarding school. Most of Pantelleria’s vineyards are located in the W/NW part of the island, protected from the Sirocco winds by the Montagna Grande (836m). They grow on two main types of soils: 'Soki Soki' – a light sandy soil made of pumice (frothy lava rock) and lapilli (fragments ejected from a volcanic eruption), the name itself is an onomatopoeia from the sound of footsteps on that particular ground. The work only with indigenous varietals Cataratto, Pignatello & Zibibbo (aka Muscat d’Alexandrie) which are all incredibly well suited to this landscape.

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