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Domaine La Grapp'A, Chardonnay, 2021

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Elegant, Textured, Nutty

Jura / White / Chardonnay / Organic




Domaine La Grapp'A



Wine Type





Cotes Du AOC, Jura








This is the first vintage for Domaine La Grapp'A and this is their topped up Chardonnay. No additons and bottled unfiltered this is a stunning example of the grape. They are really set to be the next stars of Jura so buy now!

Notes on the producer

Aurelie Parla and Julien Maublanc created Domaine la Grapp’A with their first vintage in 2021. Although they are not newcomers since the 7ha vineyards has been in Juliens family for generations. Based in the small village of Abergement-le-Grand 5kms outside of Arbois, they have been working organically for the past 15 years, but all their vineyards were contracted to the local cooperative (or fruitiere vinicole as called in the Jura). All the work that goes into making organic grapes was not rightfully valued and it is the main reason why they have decided to take back one vineyard after another as soon as contracts expire. Since they have converted 2ha to biodynamic farming and will extend to all their holdings overtime. Implementing agroforestry at the same time to support the local ecosystem. They are also keen to develop oeno-tourism and we cannot wait for our first picnic in the vineyards.

As for the winemaking side, it is true they are completely novice. Well almost! Julien has been assisting his grandfather “Le Pere Guy” from an early age. It was always low intervention, indigenous yeast and coming from an old plot of vines situated behind the family house that has never seen anything else than a pickaxe for tools and machinery.

They made their first vintage in the same facilities but have since moved into an old, vaulted cellar in the neighbouring village, Abergement-le-Petit.

The vineyards are in immaculate conditions and although they are not born winemakers or learnt with famous names, they surely know how to farm!

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