A weekend in....

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We have curated a case that is perfect for those weekends when you have nothing to do but drink delicious wine.


1x Accadia, Consono, Marche, Italy, 2019 (Vedicchio)

1x Cora, Loxarel, Catlunya, Spain, 2019 (Xarell lo/Moscatel)

1x Castro Ventosa, El Castro de Valtuille Joven, Bierzo, Spain, 2019 (Mencia)

1x Sassi, Rosso, Abruzzo, Italy, 2019 (Montepulciano)

1x Laurent Cazottes, Champetre Blanc, Gaillac, France, 2019 (Mauzac)

1x Juan Antonio Ponce, Depaula, Manchuela DO. Spain, 2019 (Monastrell)

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