Enderle & Moll, Muller, 2019

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Aromatic, Fragrant, Citrus




Enderle & Moll


Muller Thurgau

Wine Type

Orange/Skin Contact




Deutscher Wein, Baden








Young-vine Müller-Thurgau from both estate vineyards and fruit from Stefan Steinmetz, three days of skin contact. Tropical aromatics, ginger, and florals on the nose, the palate is ripe and spicy with notes of apricot skin, yellow apple, sandalwood, and juicy pineapple. This is a light, juicy and refreshing style of orange. You don't feel much grip here from the skins but just a little more textural.

Notes on the producer

Sven Enderle and Florian Moll are one of Germany’s most sought-after Pinot Noir producers. Even though they’ve only been going since 2007, the estate has already developed a cult following despite their 'no fuss' low tech approach. Sven and Florian cultivate 4 hectares of vines in Münchweier, a historic winemaking village on the slopes of the Black Forest in Baden. The sandstone and limestone rich soils found here are capable of yielding lifted and focused expressions of Pinot Noir and the duo cultivate some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Baden. Sven and Florian do not have a certification but believe that farming organically is the 'new old’, normal way that their grandfather’s generation would have always relied on. Despite often being compared to great Burgundian estates, Sven and Florian are not trying to replicate the Burgundian style. For them, it is far more important to capture and express the potential of their own impressive terroir. Overly ripe fruit and high alcohol levels can obscure terroir, which is why they choose to declassify all their wines to ‘Tafelwein’ (table wine). This frees them up to make wine in a more transparent and energetic style; a far cry from the heavy-handed Pinot Noirs that Baden is often associated with. Over the past few years, they have also proven a real talent for more experimental white and skincontact wines, and in fact, were making unfiltered, low sulphur white wines years before Germany saw a birth of young generation natural winemakers.

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